Deutz-Powered High-Speed Xatafoil' Yacht Under Construction At T-Craft

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The British industrialist Sir David Brown has decided to proceed with his project to create his ideal high-speed luxury yacht.

Sir David selected a high-speed catamaran hull form and specified water jet propulsion to give quiet and efficient operation coupled with superb maneuverability. After talking with most of the world's shipbuilders and high-speed craft designers and suppliers, he chose specialist designers Nigel Gee and Associates (NGA) to carry out this task. The resulting design is a combination of advanced hydrodynamic design, combined with elegant styling.

Nigel Gee explained: "Conventional theory showed that with the installed power available from high-speed turbocharged diesels, the highest speed we were likely to obtain with the catamaran configuration proposed was around 35 knots. Sir David insisted we achieve over 40 knots, and we finally were able to do that through the combination of the catamaran hull form with fully submerged hydrofoils." Engines equal to the task of achieving over 40 knots, as Sir David insisted, were considered to be the Deutz MWM TBD 604B V16 high-speed turbocharged diesels. With a horsepower rating of up to 1,930 kw (2,630 hp) at 1,800 rpm, the 604B series has been in great demand throughout the world's yachting industry as a reliable, high-speed performer, backed by the attentive Deutz MWM service organization. Undeniably a space saver with precision engineering and the highest standards of components, the 604B has earned its credentials in two distinct marine markets: yachting and high-speed ferrying and excursion.

The 118-foot-long planing catamaran is reportedly the largest foil-assisted vessel of this type built anywhere in the world. The hull and superstructure are manufactured from fiber reinforced plastic, with the superstructure and deck using foam sandwich construction.

The new vessel is being manufactured by TCraft Limited of Cape Town. T-Craft has built a considerable reputation in the Southern Hemisphere over the past few years with their specialist range of medium-sized high-speed foilassisted catamarans.

The design of the new yacht is now well advanced at Nigel Gee and Associates' new premises in Hamble, near Southampton, England, where the company has recently relocated. The move was necessary to allow expansion of NGA's staff to cope with an increasing order book for the design of high-performance craft for commercial, paramilitary and naval applications. For free literature on the facilities and capabilities of T-Craft, For further information and literature on Deutz MWM engines,

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