Wide Range Of Vessels Using Hamilton Water Jets Detailed In Free Literature

C.W.F. Hamilton & Co. Ltd. of New Zealand is offering free literature on the wide range of craft for which Hamilton water jets were chosen as the preferred propulsion system.

Inboard mounted near the stern, Hamilton water jets draw water through an intake duct and debris screen, fitted flush to the bottom of the hull. A high-performance axial flow impeller pumps high volumes of water, discharging via a nozzle projecting through a sealed transom opening. This results in powerful forward thrust.

Infinitely variable forward or reverse speeds can be selected by raising or lowering the reverse deflector from the "zero-speed" position, and even at full speed, can be instantly lowered, acting as a powerful emergency brake.

All units are supplied factory tested, assembled as a complete package including integral steering and reverse systems, reflecting simple low-cost installation.

The literature includes photos of the vessels— fire/rescue craft, crewboats, police boats, etc.— for which Hamilton water jet propulsion systems were chosen, brief specifications, and descriptions. For full information and free copies of the literature on Hamilton water jets,

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