N e w ATB Joint Venture Is Formed

Richard Bludworth, CEO of Bludworth Marine LLC, and John Cook formerly with Odyssea Transportation, Inc. and Marine Specialty Company, have formed a new joint venture, Bludworth Cook Marine, to design and manufacture an updated pad style articulat- ed tug and barge connection (ATB) system providing new technology to an already proven concept. The company principals, having been involved over the last 20 years with the design, fabrication and installation of most of the Bludworth style connection systems currently in service today, will provide an enhanced ATB connection system that will offer improved performance and reliability for economical tug-barge retrofits or for newly constructed ATB units. The new company is also working on technical upgrades for existing systems and a second generation dual mode system that will address the requirements for offshore lightering, permitting the tug to remain positively connected to the barge during cargo operations at sea.

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