U.S. Navy Selects Bailey Network 90 System For New YTT Vessel

The U.S. Navy has selected the Bailey Controls' Network 90® distributed control system and field equipment for its YTT-9 Torpedo Test Craft. The craft will perform acceptance tests for advanced undersea weapons systems. Network 90 will provide control, monitoring and alarm functions for critical ship machinery systems, including steering, maneuvering, main propulsion, bilge and ballasting.

Among the purchased instrumentation are two custom consoles each using Network 90 Operator Interface Units (OIUs) to provide a dynamic graphic "window" to vessel operations. The OIUs permit comprehensive data collection and manipulation, with alarm management, logging, trending and archival storage.

Control for the ship will be implemented through redundant microprocessor- based Network 90 Multi- Function Controller modules. Each module can execute up to 128 userconfigured control loops Also included in the instrumentation selection are the Bailey BC Smart Transmitters which provide remote communication, continuous diagnostics and advanced calibration features. Transmitter output can be programmed to be square root, linear or nonlinear of the measured variable.

Bailey Controls, a division of Babcock & Wilcox, is a leading worldwide supplier of instrumentation, controls and computer systems for power generation, process automation and energy management in the petrochemical, electric utility and process industries.

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