Lexair Introduces New Three-Way Poppet Type Control Valve

Lexair, Inc. of Lexington, Ky., has introduced a new remote direct pilot- operated three-way poppet valve, with an operating ratio of 5:1 (internal line pressure versus minimum pilot pressure) for unequaled performance of industrial and process control of liquids and gases.

This poppet-type valve provides high flow, positive shutoff operation. Bubble-tight shutoff is accomplished by exclusive poppet seat design that has long lasting, extrusion resistant, soft seal. Ease of maintenance is another important feature, with quick access to valve internal parts without the need for removing from in-line piping.

Valve construction is a bronze body, with brass and stainless steel internal parts. Port sizes are 3/4- inch and 1-inch NPT with optional adapters for female unions and flat face flanges. Working pressures to 500 psi.

For more information and free literature on the new three-way poppet valve from Lexair,

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