New Early-Warning Device Protects Electric Motors- Literature Available

Insulation failure is by far the most frequent cause of costly burnouts in marine electrical machinery. While a motor or generator is idle, its coil is under continuous attack by shipboard atmosphere and contaminants. Insulation resistance eventually drops below safe levels. If the condition is undetected, a burnout results seconds after start-up. Expensive rewinding is required and, when the affected motor is essential and non-redundant, the resulting delays can be far more costly.

Marine Safe Electronics of Canada, Ltd., is now offering the marine industry an economical alternative. The Fail-Safe (patent pending) motor generator protector is an early-warning device that promises to prevent virtually all such burnouts.

Easily mounted in the starter enclosure of motors or on the main switchboard of generators, the device continuously monitors insulation resistance in idle ac equipment. When resistance falls below a preselected level, the Fail- Safe unit, in addition to earlywarning alarm, can provide start prevention or start prevention with emergency override.

The device is U.L.-listed and has been approved or accepted worldwide by the U.S. Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Det norske Veritas, and Germanischer Lloyd. It has completed an extensive testing program on several major vessels, with results meeting or exceeding the manufacturer's expectations. For further information and free literature on the Fail-Safe motor protectors, write to Josh Lapsker, Dept. M.R., Marine Safe Electronics of Canada, Ltd., 101 Jardin Drive, Concord (Toronto), Ontario, Canada L4K 1B6.

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